10 recommendations for local governments planning to prepare a climate plan

  • 1. It should be taken into account that awareness of the topic is generally low – both among local government specialists and the general public.
  • 2. The climate plan is horizontal, and within the local government it is necessary to explain how adaptation to climate change affects different fields of activity.
  • 3. Sufficient time must be reserved for the preparation of the plan (including data collection, involvement within the local government)
  • 4. It is important to analyze climate risks to distinguish between important and unimportant issues.
  • 5. The metrics need to be thought through – what is actually measured, where the data is obtained from (e.g. automation options) and what is inferred from the results.
  • 6. The implementation plan is very important and practical projects should go hand in hand with the strategy.
  • 7. Simple wording is necessary!
  • 8. Plans alone do nothing, people who implement do!
  • 9. Involvement of the public (including companies) in the planning period is very important!
  • 10. Adaptation is a project to improve the living environment (greening, biodiversity, nature-based solutions).

Introduction to climate change adaptation

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Climate risks

Materials for making climate adaptation plan

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Climate adaptation plans

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Sustainable urban drainage systems

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