Activity Deadline
1. Analysis of existing national and local level legislation and standards related to climate resilient urban flood management: March 2020
    Development of the proposal for the rain water taxing system March 2020
2. Assessment of existing experience and best practices in implementing integrated and climate resilient urban drainage systems: December 2020
    Analyses of implemented smart, sustainable and climate resilient storm water management systems December 2020
    Compiling synthesis report and brochure December 2020
3. Developing strategy and action plan for climate change adaptation for Viimsi and for Tallinn: December 2021
         Input to Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation Plan of Tallinn autumn 2019
         Climate Change Adaptation Plan of Viimsi December 2021
4. Capacity building of Estonian municipal water management specialists and engineers December 2022
         4 training programmes December 2021
         Handbook for SUDS solutions December 2021
5. Designing and setting up a comprehensive digitalised storm water management system for Viimsi: February 2023
       Setting up the storm water management software, etc. October 2020
       Structure of the organizational structure required for the implementation of the stormwater management system December 2021
       Improving design standards, with a focus on the city of Tallinn March 2022
6. Testing the use of nature-based measures to mitigate floods caused by heavy rain: February 2023
        Development of methodology for cost-benefit analysis December 2018
        Construction of SUDS demo sites in Viimsi October 2020
7. Transfer and replication of project’s results: January 2023
         Compiling a toolbox to support adaptation plans as well as the establishment of SUDS December 2021
        Establishment of a working group for the transfer of project results to increase the establishment of SUDS October 2020
8. Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project actions and their impact on urban ecosystems:  February 2023
         Ex-ante assessment report January 2019
         Ex-post assesment report December 2022
         Monitoring of LIFE performance indicators ongoing
9. Experience exchange and stakeholder involvement February 2023
        National roundtable meetings September 2019 September 2020
May 2021
May 2022
        Preparing guidance materials for municipalities December 2021
        Organising final conference of the project with a focus on SUDS December 2021
10. Overall project visibility and dissemination of results February 2023
         Roll-ups, information boards November 2019
         Articles in media ongoing
         Event to introce SUDS to the public in Viimsi October 2020
11. Project management and monitoring ongoing
12. Development of After LIFE Plan February 2023