6 December

UrbanStorm is a finalist for Baltic Sustainability Awards


We are happy to announce that LIFE UrbanStorm is one of the finalists of the Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards! Expert Jury evaluated 323 applications and selected three finalists in each subcategory. LIFE UrbanStorm is the finalist in the Impact category in subcategory 'NGOs and public sector'. Read more about the awards here. All finalist submissions will be presented at the Awards Ceremony on December 9, where one winner in each [...]

UrbanStorm is a finalist for Baltic Sustainability Awards2021-12-06T18:10:17+03:00
9 November

UrbanStorm at LIFE in the New European Bauhaus


UrbanStorm will present a poster about the project during the "Beautiful, sustainable, together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus " event. The event takes place on 15-17 November 2021 and will involve many different projects, experts in the field and institutions, as well as artists and "special guests", all in line with the culture-art-people centred approach of the New European Bauhaus. The three days will focus on three specific topics [...]

UrbanStorm at LIFE in the New European Bauhaus2021-11-09T19:25:56+03:00
17 June

UrbanStorm participates in the creation of Tallinn Climate Action Plan


A climate plan consists of two parts: climate change mitigation (CO2 reduction) and adaptation. One of the activities of the LIFE UrbanStorm project was the development of the adaptation part of the climate plan for Tallinn. The Estonian Environmental Research Center won the Tallinn Energy Agency's public procurement for the creation of the Tallinn Climate Plan, which in cooperation with the Baltic Environmental Forum (Laura Remmelgas, Sandra Oisalu, Jolanda Lipu, [...]

UrbanStorm participates in the creation of Tallinn Climate Action Plan2021-06-17T16:39:35+03:00
7 December

Completion of the Karulaugu parking lot


Look at the photos in the gallery of how the car park was completed on Karulaugu Road, where a sustainable stormwater solution model area was built within the LIFE UrbanStorm project. The aim of the demonstration area is to create a stormwater system close to nature, which reduces the rapid entry of stormwater into sewers and thus prevents flooding.

Completion of the Karulaugu parking lot2020-12-07T11:00:18+03:00
19 November

Two test areas in Viimsi completed


In the course of the LIFE UrbanStorm project, sustainable rainwater solutions were built in Viimsi in two test areas - Viimsi manor park and Randvere tee car park, which help to reduce the rapid entry of rainwater into the sewerage system and thus prevent flooding. The results of the project show how such solutions improve urban space by being more attractive and flexible in adapting to climate change than the [...]

Two test areas in Viimsi completed2020-11-19T15:53:56+03:00
18 November

UrbanStorm second round table


A virtual round table of the project LIFE UrbanStorm will take place on 20 November. The round table starts at 10 AM EET and finishes approximately at noon. At the round table we will present the results achieved in the project during the last year: Methodology for Tallinn city stormwater taxing system Main findings of the study visits (Copenhagen / Malmö and Helsinki) Tallinn City Sustainable Energy and Climate Change [...]

UrbanStorm second round table2020-11-19T15:55:01+03:00