Within the LIFE UrbanStorm project, a training program on sustainable rainwater systems will be held, which is aimed mainly at engineers in the field of water and sewage, as well as designers, planners and other specialists who are interested in planning natural, i.e. sustainable, rainwater systems.

The training course provides an overview of the problems related to stormwater in the changing climate and introduces nature based, sustainable rainwater systems and examples of their implementation in different countries. Sustainable stormwater solutions suitable for Estonian conditions, principles of their operation and design, principles of rainwater calculation and design of solutions and system planning are thoroughly discussed.
The training takes place within the LIFE UrbanStorm project and the trainers are the relevant experts from Denmark, Finland and the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The training program consists of two training days:
The 1st training day will take place as a webinar on 14.12.2021. The trainers are top specialists in the planning and design of sustainable stormwater systems from Denmark and Finland.
The 2nd training day is planned as contact training on 25.01.2022 in Tallinn and 26.01.2022 in Tartu. You can choose whether you want to participate in Tartu or Tallinn – the program is the same in both cases.

When registering, please take into account that we expect to participate in both training days. The registration deadline is December 3, and you can register for the training here: https://forms.gle/HPwGHUPNfcgShXzu9.

The online training link will be sent to those who have registered a few days before the training.
More information: Valdo Kuusemets, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Valdo.Kuusemets@emu.ee
The project is financed by the LIFE program of the European Union, SA Environmental Investment Center and project partners