The construction of the test site has been completed. It is located in the small town of Haabneeme, Viimsi municipality. A new parking lot has been built at Karulaugu tee 16. Sustainable stormwater systems were used at the parking lot to prevent rainwater from reaching the sewage system too fast and to prevent floods.

The project aimed to create 64 parking spots in addition to the existing parking lot. The area of the parking lot is approximately 3425 m². Sustainable stormwater systems were adapted to the parking lot to prevent rainwater from reaching the sewage system too fast and thus to prevent floods. The design considered the amount of precipitation of an average 60-minute rain.

A new drain gutter was dug at the back of the parking lot to accommodate the water from the draining system under the new parking lot. Areas with various top layers were created in the parking lot for testing water permeability of the top layers. The new parking lot features three areas with different types of top layers. Each area has its own drainage system and is separated from adjoining areas with other top layer types and the surrounding area with watertight geomembrane (HDPE or EPDM). The use of geomembrane allows the flow of surface water from an adjoining area to the testing area in question or vice versa to be prevented. The water reaches the drainage system, filtered by the top layer and the soil, gathered in the drain manifold, and directed to the receiving ditch. Each area with the top layer being tested (3 different types) will have its own drainage system where a measuring well will be installed in the drain manifold at the appropriate distance from the mouth for the installation of a flow meter for measuring the amount of water drained by the system.

The surface of the existing parking lot has an approximately 0.5% longitudinal slope and a 0.5% transverse slope in the direction of it outer edges. Curbs were installed along the shorter edge, and the longer edges feature filter strips to absorb surface rainwater.